Walsh Whiskey Distillery
Walsh Whiskey.

Royal Oak, Co. Carlow. Ireland.
Contract Scope:
Provision of full Engineering Services relating to License Applications and
negotiations, followed by process, mechanical, and electrical design, and
detailed engineering of the Preliminary Wastewater Treatment System for the
new Distillery.
Project Information
Opened in June 2016, the distillery is the key element in a €25 million investment.
The still house has two production lines, using both pot stills and column stills,
which give Walsh Whiskey Distillery the capacity to produce 650,000 cases (two
and a half million litres of pure alcohol (LPA’s) or 8 million bottles) of whiskey

Wastewater discharges (excluding Pot Ales) are pre-treated prior to discharge
to sewer at the following limits. Discharge flows can be automatically regulated
to coincide with periods of low loading on the municipal Treatment Works thus
minimising the impact on same.
Total Daily to Sewer (6 days) m³/d 74.6
Equivalent Hourly after Balancing m³/d 2.7 - 3.1
Equivalent BOD Loading to Main Sewer Kg/d 40

Wastewater discharges are collected in an underground
Balancing/Equalisation tank for pH correction is provided via an automatic
dosing system. Tank level is monitored and controlled to maximise natural
equalisation, with pumped discharges automatically timed to agreed periods
to suit the Municipal works. The trade effluent discharge is then combined with
the site domestic sewage for pumping to the Irish Water sewer system. The
discharge is monitored for flow, TOC, pH and temperature,.