Teagasc Grange Research Centre.

Co. Meath, Ireland.

Scope of works:
Initial concept development, preliminary design,
detailed scope development, preparation of Contract
Documents, Tender procurement and assessment,
contract technical negotiations, construction
supervision, and commissioning support services,
covering Process Mechanical and Electrical/ICA Scope.

Project Details:

Teagasc decided to construct an agricultural Anaerobic Digestion Plant on site at Grange Dunsany, with
the intention of using it as an experimental platform to explore the implementation and optimisation of AD
technology specifically in Irish farm conditions and feedstocks. The Plant incorporates an CHP Plant
providing 150kWe electricity supply, and heating/cooling of onsite buildings.
The Plant comprises a Single main AD Reactor Tank followed by a Digestate Storage Tank (which can be
converted to AD) The Reactor incorporates roof mounted Biogas Storage. Ancillaries include Pumping &
Control Building, Gas conditioning and Flare plus raw feed conditioning and handling. The 150kWe CHP
Package complete runs entirely form the Biogas supply.