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WEW Engineering Ltd
WEW Engineering Ltd was established in 2012 and is a specialist Consulting Engineering firm
focusing on the water, wastewater and waste to energy sectors, both Municipal and
Industrial. The firm’s Principals have together over 130years experience in the Water industry
encompassing Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation engineering
skills and expertise as applied to the complete range of water, wastewater and waste to
energy technologies.
WEW’s primary objective is always Client driven. Providing creative optimum design with
innovative technology, covering all project scope from concept to conclusion.
Mr Seamus Crickley (BE. C Eng. FIEI)
Water and Wastewater Treatment process specialist with over 40 years experience. Unrivalled in-depth process knowledge and application in Industrial Wastewater Treatment across all sectors. Has been involved as process specialist in over 150 + projects in Ireland, the UK, and Internationally Specialises in the application of the latest process technologies for nutrient removal and recovery, energy efficiency, and waste to energy projects. International Business Development expertise across all sectors and markets.
Mr Henk van der Puil (BA. BAI. C Eng. MIEI)
Water and Wastewater Treatment  mechanical  and process engineering specialist with over 35 years industry experience. Specialist in developing innovative engineering designs and solutions to implement  process technologies in both new and upgrade works. Foremost in the application of 3D CAD design technologies in realising Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant design. Has led the development of
the in house CAD/CAE system.
Mr M. Anthony Mahon (MSc. I.B. (Mgt))
Water and Wastewater Treatment Electrical Instrumentation and Process Control engineering specialist with 40 years industry experience both national and International. Specialist in developing innovative engineering designs and solutions to implement  advanced process control, automation technology and Instrumentation in both new and upgrade works, including Web based monitoring technologies. Broad knowledge of the latest  Industry trends technologies and their application in all forms of Waste to Energy, Recycle and Reuse, and Nutrient Recovery. Development  and preparation of Technical Reports,  Proposals,  and Presentations to Clients, with alternatives, for discussion and review and adoption.